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The Learner Portraits project would not have been possible without the help of the following organizations and people:

Financial Support

National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy
Spencer Foundation

Technical support

Vid Mihaescu
Glen Sasek
Juan Orozco

Website design

Kevin Nguyen

Administrative and research support

Cynthia Lopez
Ngoc Nguyen
Lisa Thomas
Yvonne Wong
Sarah Albers
Elizabeth Cole
Michael Howard

Bilingual Interviewers

Charma Boeschlin
Simona Bucuras
Thao-oanh Doan
Severine Sophie Grimaud
Maria Elena Guerra
Rosario Hall
Shia-Shuan (Richard) Ko
Doris Liliana Leal
Ji-Guang Li
Veronica Martinez
Luan Nguyyen
Marcela O'Brien
Sarah Packer
Elena Suetina
Lyudamila Terskikh
Phuong Than
Xiaoling (Linda) Tian
Fidelia Twenge-Jinnings
Sherry Wu


Stephen Reder
Kathryn Harris