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Inez - Personal Bio

Inez came to the U.S. in early September 2002 with her husband and two young sons. She started taking classes at the Lab School at the end of that month and reported having not studied English before arriving in the U.S.

Inez was born in 1963. She graduated from university and worked as a nurse and social worker in several settings in Mexico (a special education school, with Mexico's indigenous population, and with people seeking work) before coming to the U.S.

Inez expressed characteristics of a bi-national identity, reporting not wanting to lose contact with her Mexican culture here in the U.S. She volunteers in her childrens' school giving presentations on Mayan and Inca cultures as one way to stay connected to her Mexican roots.

Inez was considered by her instructors to be a 'successful' learner and the tracking of her standardized language proficiency assessments supports that consideration.