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Jing - Personal Bio

Jing came to the U.S. in November of 2002 and to Portland in January, 2003 when he started taking classes at Portland Community College. Jing came to the U.S. with his wife who was also a student in PCC classes. He and his wife came to Portland because his wife's sister and husband lived here.

Jing had previously studied English for two months formally before starting classes at the Lab School. Jing was born in 1935. He met his wife in high school and they were married in 1974. He graduated from university (1966) with an advanced degree and worked as a professor at Beijing University where he was responsible for the engineering of large state infrastructure projects in China.

A year after arriving, Jing was asked what is easy and difficult about family life in the US. He answered in this way :

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IR: What is easy about family life? What is difficult?

Jing: In America the when (+) the life uh style is uh difficulty uh (+) with the uh Chinese. (2.0) Usually mm something is uhhh uh simple. Uh ex- for example, (+) to:: (1) to shopping? (+) to:: uhhh to take a bus and uh ahhh (2) and uh to reading the the English. (2.0) Yes uh uh the difficult uh the be- uh (+) the difficulties there uh is uh in bank in bank, ah (+) et cetera. (1) Uh last year (+) uh I studied uh many English.

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